Deli & Meat Department

We offer the highest quality meats & cheeses, sliced to order in our deli.

GreBeef, chickecn, bacon, fresh cut meat in the Newfound Grocery meat departmentat Tasting Meat

Our tantalizing fresh cut steak tips, chops & more are certified Angus beef. We also grind our own beef to help you cook up the best tasting burgers, tacos, meatloafs, meatballs and any tasty beef dish you can think of.

Just Toss It On The Grill

We provide marinated beef and chicken to help you be the tastiest grill master in the neighborhood.

Our homemade potato & pasta salads make a great addition to the backyard BBQ or just a quick dinner.

Heat & Eat

We always have delicious, homemade meals in our deli case or frozen food section, for you to take home or work to heat and eat. Try some of our zesty Mexican dishes, traditional turkey dinner with all the fixings or a nice Italian dinner.